Rajasthan Aamantran, the literal translation of which means an invitation to Rajasthan, is our humble but unique effort to bring to you the true color and glory of this storybook land of mountaintop castles, forts, and palaces. Be it the vacation you have been planning for a long-long time or the ‘getaway’ you have been looking for to get away from the drab and monotonous routine of your mundane life or if you want to drown yourself in a pool of excitement and awe at the idea of witnessing the lives and times of our great kings of the yesteryears (vicariously, of course!), Rajasthan is the place to escape to. From the majestic palaces and rugged forts to its spectacular deserts and tranquil lakes, one can feel every quiver of its beating heart.

The bustling towns and quiet villages, the amazing flora and an even more amazing fauna and not to forget the colorful and vibrant people of Rajasthan from an intricate tapestry of mysticism and grandeur which can compel you to reconsider that which you previously accorded as ‘the best thus far’. More than half the people who visit India for the first time make it a point to visit Rajasthan, and it is not without reason. A plethora of magnificent monuments, vibrant cities, colorful villages, melodious folk music, traditional handicrafts and the sheer energy of the people here makes traveling in Rajasthan compelling and irresistible.

The most visited and sought after places in Rajasthan (which we have presented beautifully in excruciating detail on our website) are sure to make your jaw drop in amazement and wonder. But even if you were to take a small detour from visiting the popular tourist destinations, you will come vis-a-vis with pleasant surprises in the bustling bazaars or local fairs. Here, puppets dangle from strings, embroidered footwear brightens up stores, lights glow in huge glass candelabra and gemstones spill across pavements: in Rajasthan`s treasure-trove, one can spend days simply exploring the world of its artisans. The mood and rhythm of Rajasthan change from one place to another and as such, every place you are in has something unique to offer.

There really are no limits to the lengths one can write in an attempt, to sum up, the glory of this magnificent place on earth (and even then it might seem less!). A place as photogenic as God intended in His right mind, Rajasthan enfolds in its lap a diverse kaleidoscope of breathtakingly beautiful milieus to make your travel ‘the best of experiences ever’. We at Rajasthan Aamantran invite you to take a bit of Rajasthan in your veins and rest assured we will give everything to make that bit indelibly lodged in your psyche.